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We are on holiday from February 7th – 25th

open every day 10 am – 10 pm , except Wednesday (open on bank holidays)

Sitting together at large tables, eating and talking….
The traditional principle of “joining a table” at a restaurant is not very common anymore today – some even see it as unseemly to talk to strangers – as if they´re being molested. We think that´s a pity! We really don’t want to miss these encounters with interesting people, to whom we would have no other points of contact. This is why we chose the concept of the big tables: you have to “join the table”, of course you don´t have to talk to your neighbour – but you can!

As far as I know, the only places that still cultivate this tradition are breweries in Cologne and wine houses in Franconia. The first doesn´t need further explaining due to its geological vicinity. The second, we picked for July and enjoyed a lot of Franconian wine, beer and food – it was wonderful!

With the beginning summer holidays we traveled culinary to the Baltic Sea, more precise to the Lübecker Bucht and the Seaside Resorts Travemünde, Timmendorfer Strand and Schabeutz and enjoyed fish and Labskaus. The beginning fall is cattle drive time in the Alps and we will feature the typical dishes Kasspatzen and Krustenbraten


Cattle drive

Cattle drive

German cuisine

is underrated!

This is why we will introduce typical German dishes on a regular basis, fall will start with the Allgau

The return of men and cattle from the mountains is eagerly expected by everyone – the men lived mainly of water, bread and cheese for three month and are longing for a good meal (besides their famlies), the cattle only had meagre meadows by the end of the summer and last, but not least, the village people, who expect their men/son/brother back.

Ever since, the Viehscheid days are celebrated, the village welcomes back the homecomer with fresh beer from the tap, a feast and a dance at night.

Our Viehscheid Menu


handmade noodles with Allgäuer mountain cheese (Käserei Weizern)     12,50


with black beer sosse after Pater Anselm, handmade dumplings           18,50

Bayrische Creme

real vanilla creme with fruit sauce                                                             4,50






The base of traditional German cuisine are not just recepies but also the ingredients – a meal can be made quickly from industrially produced foods, but you can´t really cook with them.

We buy our goods from traditionally working producers, the products are processed right where they grow and are made as organic as possible, because good food doesn´t need flavor enhancers. We buy flour for our home made bread from the Broicher mill, meat from the butchery Voigt, potatoes from the organic farm Ellenberg, vegetables from the farm in the earldom, oil for the salad dressing from the oil manufacturer in Bonn. You can find the complete list of suppliers here.