13. Oktober: Beer-contest

Who is able to name the different beer-labels at a blind-tasting? We will taste and rate six different beer-labels, premium to no-name, the winner gets a „Deutschlandreise“ Voucher

15. Oktober: Reading

The Cologne Journalist Malte Bastian will read from the book „Deutschlandreise“ from Roger Willemsen

10. November: „Döppekuchen“ Meal

And again it’s the day of the holy Saint Martin! We will celebrate with a (small) bonfire, the first hot wine of the year and a „Döppekuchen“ or „Uhles“ or „Kesselsknall“ – every village has it’s own name for this traditional oven-dish, made from potatoes, smoked sausage and beacon. Has to be eaten in company and definitely needs a Schnaps for digestion!

For all who don’t know the legend of the holy Saint Martin: Martin was a Christian soldier at Roman times, on a cold winter day he saw a beggar sitting at the street, freezing and asking for help. Martin stopped his horse, divided his warm red coat and gave one half to the poor man. In catholic regions you find parades with a St. Martin on a horse, followed by a brass band and children with selfmade laterns, walking along the streets and ending up at a huge bonfire. Traditionally the woman prepare a „Döppekuchen“ and put it in the oven – when the family gets back from the parade, cold and hungry, the meal is ready and they all celebrate with a feast.