Our supplier

Our supplier

We specialized on traditional German cuisine, obviously we don´t purchase our ingredience at Metro. Every mass product we buy from the supermarket, has a traditional heritage. This takes more work to produce and expires faster so it is not suitable for long transportation, but it is healthy and authentic. Our heart goes out to the small suppliers who are specialists in their neeche market and can´t compete with the large corporations under economical aspects – in our eyes, the keepers of food culture and regionality!

Broicher mill

The first documented mentioning of the watermill was in 886 and for the past 300 years it has been owned by the Bedorf family. They offer spelt- rye and whole wheat flour using three mill steps (2 millstones). Thanks to the gentle milling procedure, the valuable nutrition’s of the grain are preserved, unlike the industrial flour from the supermarket, which means the bread made from it is high in healthy nutrition and excellent taste.

Mustard mill Monschau

Mustard was already produced during roman times and wasn´t just used as spice but also as medicine – the digestive effect was more commonly known than it is today, the reason for that is today’s industrial production. In the traditional formula the seeds are gently ground, mingled and fermented and the valuable ingredients (Vitamin C and essential oils) remain. The industrial mass production produces mustard – flour from the seeds which is processed by adding vinegar and horseradish, killing all the nutrition elements.

The mustard mill in Monschau was built the 18th century, was elaborately renovated and is used for the traditional production of mustard through the cold milling process. The yellow and brown mustard seeds are used, plus natural spices, depending on the desired hotness. Neither aromas or food coloring nor flavor enhancers are used.

Winery Claußen Wintzheimer

The winery Claußen Wintzheimer has an excellent location on the Julius-Echter-mountain (one of the best 3 locations in Franconia) Kronsberg and Kalb, the vineyards are nourished with manure, hay and other organic humic substances so that the mineral fertilization can be kept to a minimum. All of their vineyards are greened in order to avoid pesticides. 

We´ve known this winery for many years and stop there on every trip through Franconia to „restock“. Even though we like to try new things, the house wine should come from a long-tested, down-to-earth winery.

Butchery Voigt

Most people who live in Bad Godesberg, know the traditional butchery Voigt. The goods originate from their own production and only meat from certified suppliers is used. Pork comes exclusively from the Swabian-Hällish country pig from animal welfare farming and the poultry from kikok-chickens, which are raised with run out and without antibiotics. We recieve all of our meat from Voigt, except for the regional specialties, which come from regional butcheries.

Potatoe farm Ellenberg

The sandy grounds of the Luneburg heather have always been perfect for growing potatoes, the so called „Heide-potatoes“ are nationally famous. The potatoe farm Ellenberg specialized on the conservation of the old potatoe strains and annually grows about 100 different potatoe strains, bio certified. They exist in almost all different colors from blue to purple and in all shapes and sizes – the variety of potatoes gives a mild guess of the richness of strains our ancestors were able to harvest. More information about potatoes here.


Oil manufactory Bonn

What good is the best Bio-lettuce straight from the farmer if the dressing is made from cheap oil? We recieve our oil from the oil manufactory Bonn and since we specialized on German food, we use the cold pressed sunflower seed oil. The mild taste of nuts goes good with the fresh lettuce leaves. The sunflower seed oil is produced by the manufactory and the cold pressing conserves the natural ingredients – 2-fold unsaturated linoleic acid ca. 60% and vitamin E.

Fruit and vegetable farm Hartmann

The traditional farm Hartmann in Bornheim is our supplier for fruits and vegetables, they aren’t bio-certified, but they follow the rules of and crop rotation and traditional farming. We get the goods right from the fields, can’t be more fresh! By the way, Hartmann is also the supplier for our Marktschwärmerei